Fizkultprivet! Mass media presented me at the annual exhibition in Tomsk #StreetVision. They are write: Many other talents will be presented and one of them Nazary “Pervee” Chesalov, who is the medical expert, the captain of police, as well as a lecturer at the Medical University. Much of his career working on the identification of the person by the skulls. He’s fine with portrait precision can restore the face of a person’s lifetime by the skull. Fortunately at the time he completed the full course of art school, and now created a new style in the visual arts. He creates a beautiful picture, where all details are cut from colored cardboard and assembled into complex applique.
On #StreetVision 2016 presented three pictures “Underwater hightlights” – the beauty of the female body in the dark water lines lit only highlights from the waves; “Tyrael” – the character of computer games, defending humanity and sacrificed his immortality for it; “Lich King” – a legendary figure from the universe of Warcraft, had sacrificed himself to save his people.
Using of cardboard attached to the additional effect of volume. The technology is complex and requires very careful thought the whole process in advance planning of layers, drawing on sketches, etc. The art-work will also be presented at the show in short videos.
The exhibition will be in the foyer of “Scientists house” (Sovietskaya, 45) from 16 October to 4 November.

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