Here you can see our amazing artwork of our unique technology cutting from colored cardboard. It may be an unusual gift or unique interior decoration.

Underwater hightlights

Underwater hightlights One of the first works made in the style of multi-layer application. The work shows the beauty of the female body, and the image of a woman or a girl in the paintings forms a line of goodness. When the glare that drops water, fall on a beautiful female body, it seems that … Continue reading Underwater hightlights

Sarah Carrigan. Queen of Blades.

Queen of Blades The character of the game universe StarCraft. A woman with supernatural psychic abilities and a surprisingly complex fate. As a child, she was an object of military research and later fought along with the forces of the Confederation. Complying with the task of the Confederation Commander Arcturus Mengsk, her squad was surrounded … Continue reading Sarah Carrigan. Queen of Blades.


WOMEN’S boxing First appearing at the Olympics in 1904, women’s boxing was subsequently banned in many countries. The Swedish Amateur Boxers Association sanctioned the rebirth of the sport. The first women’s boxing competitions were held in 1997.

Tyrael, Archangel

Tyrael, Archangel Tyrael. Warlike and friendly, tried to help mortals in the fight against Evil and in every way intervened in the struggle of people against Hell. However, according to another version, he was rather obsessed with fighting the most powerful demons of the netherworld, namely Mephisto, the master of hate, Diablo, the master of … Continue reading Tyrael, Archangel


Valeria. Beauty from peru One of the early works. Portrait of a beautiful girl from Peru. Emphasize her expressive and at the same time piercing glance allowed the use of several layers and a large number of small parts.


Yuri Gagarin. Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin – a world celebrity. April 12, 1961 for the first time in world history, made a flight into outer space. After numerous surveys, training sessions and control tests, Gagarin, along with his backup, German Titov, was selected for the first space flight. April 12, 1962, the day of Gagarin’s flight … Continue reading Gagarin

Girl with a pillow

Girl with a pillow. Another early work with the image of a girl without clothes. The work uses the minimum number of layers, but nevertheless the picture has depth and volume, as well as fully reflects the beauty of the female body.

Lich King from WoW

The Lich King. The story of this character of the Warcraft game universe is very interesting and full of various events. The painting depicts the Lich King in the face of Prince ARTASA, who holds in his hand the legendary frostmone weapon. Arthas hoped it would help him in his fight with the Scourge. However, … Continue reading Lich King from WoW


Faina Ranevskaya. The portrait shows Faina Georgievna (Grigorievna) Ranevskaya, a Soviet actress of theater and cinema, who was most of all known for her poignant sayings, which eventually became winged and quoted by everyone. Modern journalists called her “one of the greatest Russian actresses of the 20th century” and “supporting queen” for her roles in … Continue reading Ranevskaya


Retro. The work used a minimum number of layers, but the picture fully reflects the rounded shapes and special details, thereby emphasizing the unique style inherent in cars of the retro era. Elements of the car have sufficient depth and volume, despite the minimum number of layers.

Paladin T2

Paladin. The picture shows the character-paladin of the WOW gaming universe, wearing epic armor and holding an epic weapon in his hand. The work was carried out to improve the skills and develop new methods of image details in multilayer applications.

Kratos, Eyes of Wraith

Kratos, a look of rage. Kratos – the hero (or antihero – a moot point) from alternative Greek mythology. Vowing to serve the god of war Ares for helping in a hopeless battle, Kratos becomes his puppet. Led by Ares, Kratos brings death to all that will be indicated.

Bogatyrs Vasnetsov

Bogatyri Vasnetsov. The embodiment of the people’s power and power was the picture of V.M. Vasnetsov “Warriors”. The Russian borders are safetly guarded of bogatyrs the. The number “three” in folk art has the value of multiplicity. The people used this conditional concept in the heroic epic constantly. In the person of three warriors people … Continue reading Bogatyrs Vasnetsov

Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi. Viktor Tsoi – revived Legend of Soviet post-punk music. The legend of Russian rock music revives in art. Viktor Robertovich Tsoi was a Soviet musician, singer and songwriter, leader of the post-punk band Kino.

Illidan. You are not prepared!

The character of Warcraft- elf, fanatically wiped out demons. for illidan, any “game worth the candle”, any victims for victory are trusted. saving your people, it’s taken to the troubles of all other people.


Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky is a famous Soviet poet, actor and songwriter. The work was done with a minimum number of layers and using a new technique of image transmission, emphasizing its expressive and at the same time piercing look.


The portrait depicts George Konstantinovich Zhukov. Soviet commander, winner of many Soviet and foreign orders and medals. Actively led the army during the Great Patriotic War.

Shaman of Kulay

Shamans are spiritual leaders in the most different times and in the most different nationalities. Of course, all the shamans differed from each other, just as the idea of the shamans of ancient times are different from modern people. This picture presents not the most popular type of shamans. These helped in the battles directly, … Continue reading Shaman of Kulay

Grandpa Slava

Native grandfather Nazariy – CHESALOV VYACHESLAV PAVLOVICH, 1923.R. Veteran of the Great Patriotic War. commander of the machine-gunners. He fought on the Leningrad front. During the crossing of the river Narva, grandfather Slava was wounded by a sniper – a bullet hit one cheek and flew into another. In the heat of battle, under the … Continue reading Grandpa Slava

Michael Jordan

Amazing artwork cutted of colour cardboard. Michael Jordan also known by Air Jordan. Professional basketball player, owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets.

Bear and snow

Everyone knows that the bear is the master in the taiga, and also that “the bear in the taiga is the prosecutor”, etc. The First Museum of Slavic Mythology regularly holds the “Bear Festival”. At the opening of the first solo exhibition of Nazaria (“For the first time #Pervee) Olga Radionova, curator of the Bear … Continue reading Bear and snow

Gagarin ’17

A revised portrait of Yuri Gagarin, which was presented at the annual exhibition STREET VISION In Tomsk. Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin – a world celebrity. April 12, 1961 for the first time in world history, made a flight into outer space. After numerous surveys, training sessions and control tests, Gagarin, along with his backup, German Titov, … Continue reading Gagarin ’17

Kratos and Olympus

Kratos is a hero (or an antihero is a different view) from alternative Greek mythology. Vowing to serve the god of war, Ares, for help in a hopeless battle, Kratos becomes his puppet. Led by Ares, Kratos brings death to all that will be indicated. That was how the village where Kratos’s wife and daughter … Continue reading Kratos and Olympus

Iron Felix

Portrait of a professional Russian revolutionary, as well as a well-known in the modern history of the Soviet political figure – Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky. Simple work in which the minimum quantity of layers is used, and volume and depth are as much as possible.


Tamerlane was the most powerful ruler in the Muslim world, also Turco-Mongol conqueror and the founder of the Timurid Empire in Persia and Central Asia

Knight at the Crossroads (Vasnetsov)

Painting Knight at the Crossroads – marked the beginning of a number of works dedicated to the Russian epic poem. In 1878 the picture was first presented to the public.


Portrait of one of the most influential hip-hop performers in the history of Tupac Amaru Shakur. His songs touched many of the problems of modern society such as violence, poverty, racism and narrated the difficult life in the ghetto.

Crusader and hordes of evil

The Crusader from Sanctuary makes its way into the heart of the underworld with the help of heavy metal and the magic of Light. Heavy-armored, devout, fanatical and monstrously strong Crusaders easily handled huge shields and shields, reinforcing the whole arsenal with a weighty Holy Word. Even one soldier in the field, when there is … Continue reading Crusader and hordes of evil

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is a famous Hong Kong and American film actor, director, and also a stage manager. Performed all the tricks in the films, and improved the skill of hand-to-hand combat.  


Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky is a Russian Soviet poet. He was considered one of the greatest poets of the 20th century. The combination of pathos and lyricism in his works reflects the rebellious spirit of the author.

Abandon hope..

The background of the artwork is represented by a gate with the very inscription from the “Divine Comedy” of Alighieri, which has become the winged expression “Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate(Give up hope every one who enters here)”

Tattoo by masters eyes

Real tattoo masters professionally decorate the body and make unique designs. You never know what the master represents during the application of paint, but some works are not made as you can imagine.

Peter the First

The last tsar of all Russia and the first Emperor All-Russian Peter 1. Launched large-scale reforms of the Russian state and social order.


Dante – crusader who goes to hell trying to save Beathrice from Lucifer. Hero of alternative history “Divine comedy” by Dante Alighieri

Putin, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin ranked first in the ranking of the most influential people in the world according to the American magazine Forbes, leaving behind many world leaders


The painting embodies the famous image of a robot – Terminator was played by a famous actor – Arnold Schwarzenegger. A large number of layers are involved in the work, which made it possible to convey the depth and realism of the work.  

Tamerlan (’17)

A reworked and full of color portrait of Tamerlane – the Turkic-Mongol conqueror and founder of the Timurid Empire in Persia and Central Asia. In this work, we used the latest developments and sophisticated image transmission techniques.