Report for 2016

Let see what have been done in 2016:

Winter of 2016 was full of revelations begotten in hard art-work! Two significant works show the step between simple applique and modern multilayered applique are  “Gagarin” and “Girl with a pilow”. Experience of artwork on that pictures formed the basis for completely layered applique when each layer corresponds to that details on the object of art and now details in pictures appears as deeper as they are appears on the object or face.



Report for 2016

Let see what have been done in 2016:

First of all we have to remember “Tyrael”. Art-work was started in the end of 2015 and finished in the begining of 2016. Also “Tyrael” is the first serious art-work, so it is the flagship of the new begining in multilayered aplique and the symbol of the first personal exhibition “The first time of #PERVEE”.

The first time of #PERVEE

 16.10.2016 Was started Exhibition at one of the most popular place in Tomsk сity – The House of Scientists.

There was presented almoust 20 pictures. Most popular of them: “Bogatyrs”, “Illidan”, “Tyrael”, “Kratos, eyes of wraith”, “Tsoy”, “Vysotskiy” etc.

The opening ceremony was visited by parents, friend, also executives of the Criminalistics Centre and Police office of Seversk.

Adventures of “Bear and snow”

“Bear and snow”  picture is done. Art-work was finished during my mission in Volgograd at Academy of MIA. All my colleagues experts-criminalists wish nice travel to Bear, it goes to Tomsk city at “The 2nd Bear festival” in “The first Museum of slovac mythology”.  To be continued…