The first time of #PERVEE

 16.10.2016 Was started Exhibition at one of the most popular place in Tomsk сity – The House of Scientists.

There was presented almoust 20 pictures. Most popular of them: “Bogatyrs”, “Illidan”, “Tyrael”, “Kratos, eyes of wraith”, “Tsoy”, “Vysotskiy” etc.

The opening ceremony was visited by parents, friend, also executives of the Criminalistics Centre and Police office of Seversk.

Exhibition at 82, av Lenina (house-museum) Tomsk city

286812_15687 xyqhhs7uohmIn aticipation of New Year residents and visitors of the Tomsk city can see Pervee’s pictures.
The place was selected not casual, but because of great history of that building (av Lenina 82) – which is architectural monument.

There you can see such famous pictures as “Bogatyrs”, portraits of V.Tsoy and V.Vysotskiy, and also new picture “Shaman of Kulay”


Closing ceremony of exhibition in the Tomsk House of Scientists

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Closing exhibition in the Tomsk House of Scientists was held with the participation of pupils of Art-Scholl for children with their teacher Diana Martynova, who’s also the organizer of perfect art-events of drawing human body.