The exhibition “Multilayered” is opened in The Tomsk Regional Art Museum.

Report for 2016

Let see what have been done in 2016:

First of all we have to remember “Tyrael”. Art-work was started in the end of 2015 and finished in the begining of 2016. Also “Tyrael” is the first serious art-work, so it is the flagship of the new begining in multilayered aplique and the symbol of the first personal exhibition “The first time of #PERVEE”.

The first time of #PERVEE

 16.10.2016 Was started Exhibition at one of the most popular place in Tomsk сity – The House of Scientists.

There was presented almoust 20 pictures. Most popular of them: “Bogatyrs”, “Illidan”, “Tyrael”, “Kratos, eyes of wraith”, “Tsoy”, “Vysotskiy” etc.

The opening ceremony was visited by parents, friend, also executives of the Criminalistics Centre and Police office of Seversk.